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Frank Brunner cover.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Kenneth the Conjuror failed his village.

A Portal opened in the center of Reveshire.  Moments later, marauding Demons poured into the square - looting or destroying everything in sight.  Kenneth's lifelong love, Rhianna, was stolen back to Dis.  Kenneth's family was slaughtered.

To ensure that Kenneth would fulfill their nefarious purposes, the Demons cursed the young apprentice with long life.  Before he could rescue Rhianna, the Portals between all worlds were permanently sealed.  Kenneth was stuck, along with all visiting OtherWorlders, on Earth.

The Conjuror Zero picks up Kenneth's tale in present-day California.  The Conjuror has spent long, lonely millennia searching for a way back through to Rhianna.  Today, he's close. 

And the Demons have been waiting.



Cover by Jack Gregory.

Alternate cover by Ash Jackson

Graphic Lit
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The Conjuror Zero


Written by: Jeffrey Ryan Zambrano
Published by: Jeffrey Ryan Zambrano
Edited by: Jeffrey Ryan Zambrano
Price: $1.99

Horror in Reveshire
Reveshire is invaded by Demons. Kenneth, the Conjuror Apprentice, is ill-prepared, and much is lost.

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- it leads you to Issue 1, wherein,
2,000 years ago, vicious  
Demons ravage the village of Reveshire.
Kenneth, Reveshire's apprentice mage,
loses friends, family, his mentor, and his betrothed. 
Issue 2 brings us to the present day.
Kenneth, immortal after his battle with the Demons,
finds purpose, again, living along the
North American west coast.
Over the centuries, however, the
Conjuror Zero has learned that
peace is an easily upset balance.
 Here's a preview of
Michael Dooney's spectacular cover for Issue 3!
This will finish up Act 1 of Kenneth's first story arc.
Soon, we'll collect these Issues as Book 1.
Next stop, Kickstarter! 
Yes, if all goes well, webassets/kickstarterLogo.jpg is our next stop.
We're looking to finance the print issues that will, hopefully,
fund the next round of artwork. Please check it out.
And, tell all your richest friends! 

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 Gathering of resources for a KickStarter launch.
Here's a special piece of art from Ash to celebrate the attempt.
Do you have a favorite type of KickStarter incentive?
Write in and let us know!!!  
Stories from the ConjurVerse: 
Plotting is going low-steam on a series of one-shots under
the working banners - 
The Conjuror Zero:
Around the Edge of the World 
- and -
Tales of the OtherWorlders:
OtherWorld Pirates of the Terran Seas.
Ethan Van Sciver's CyberFrog might just make a reapperance via SunsetGL.

Professor Krusher's Krush Suit

PROFESSOR KRUSHER, Kenneth's closest confidante,
has secrets of his own.  A preview of his
Krush Suit generated lots of excitement at the cons.
Professor Krusher will have his own story -
along with the Angels and the
rest of the mythical misfits stranded on Earth -
in the upcoming anthology,
Tales of 


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   The Art of Issue 1

Issue1/FinalJGCoverandLogoopenhandflat.jpg Issue1/Bkcpage5.jpg Issue1/Ckcpage6.jpg Issue1/Dkcpage7v2.jpg
Issue1/Ekcpage8v2.jpg Issue1/Fkcpage11pt5Splash2.jpg Issue1/Gkcpage15v2.jpg Issue1/HAshPremiumDarkercovermoreRhiannaFlat.jpg

The Art of Issue 2

Issue2/LHktheciss2page3.jpg Issue2/Kktheciss2page4.jpg Issue2/Jktheciss2page5.jpg Issue2/Iktheciss2page6NGColors.jpg
Issue2/Dktheciss2page14.jpg Issue2/Cktheciss2splashpage.jpg Issue2/Bktheciss2page22.1.jpg Issue2/Aktheciss2page24.1.jpg

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On behalf of Writer/Creator Ryan Zambrano and Artist Ash Jackson -
Thank you for joining us on the ground level of the Conjuror's epic adventure.
    Just for Fun:
3-minute MOVIES of Ash's original art for
Issue 1 and Issue 2.  
They had been on YouTube,
with Evanescence soundtracks,
but I guess the licensing expired. :( 
Still, a great way to browse the storyline. 
Print copies of Issue #0, then known as
Kenneth the Conjuror,
 may still be found in
the best local comic shops in Florida, NY, and California. 
The new website is coming eventually. In the meantime, to contact SunsetGL,email


© 2017 JRZ

Updated 12/15/17.  Can't wait to jump to the last page of Kenneth's first storyline?  Click here for the WGA-registered script.  And enter The Conjuror.